Pennsylvania State Police

Letter written to OPS Public Safety by Sergeant Barry L. Brinser of the Pennsylvania State Police:

Please pass on to your team our greatest appreciation for such a great, high quality piece of equipment. My men are brutally honest and are critical of all the gear we test and evaluate. They will, and do put things to the test. Since we have started to roll these units out, I have not received one complaint.

With that said, let me tell you what your product has done for us.

With all the latest and greatest Tactical gear, our vehicles have become over loaded and unable to organize properly. We found ourselves having to empty the trunks to get to our gear and to find our tools – delaying the response of the men to critical incidents, where every second counts.

Since the installed drawer systems, the men have been able to organize their gear and set them up to their individual needs. Also, our weapon systems are more secure, giving us a peace of mind when we are forced to leave our vehicles unattended.

The system also allows for a faster rapid deployment of the men and their gear.

What I would like you to pass on to your team, is with the quality product that you are supplying, you are without a doubt keeping my men safer and enabling them to deploy faster. Which ultimately keeps the public safer and saves lives. We are fighting the good fight.

Thank you again for your help.

Sergeant Barry L. Brinser
Tactical Operations Division
Special Emergency Response Team
SERT East Coordinator

Pennsylvania State Police
Bureau of Emergency & Special Operations
171 East Hershey Park Drive
Hershey, PA 17033

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