Nothing but positive feedback from Vancouver Police Department

Letter written to OPS Public Safety by Sergeant Brad Brewer of the Vancouver Police Department:

We have had nothing but positive feedback on our OPS Stacked Drawer series drawer units. The most noticeable difference from the older vehicles with storage is the noise difference. The new OPS Public Safety box is significantly quieter. That makes a big difference when driving with it for 12 hrs.

I am very impressed with the functionality of the box. We use heavy steel breaching equipment and the gear fits perfectly across the width of the drawer and there is absolutely no drawer sag or hinge resistance during drawer opening/closing. The box is filled to capacity and all equipment can be accessed without taking everything out first.

Kudos to the design team for putting together a box that truly stores the exact equipment used by the customer, instead of the customer trying to make their equipment fit an existing design.

Sergeant Brad Brewer
Tactical Support Section Special Operations
Vancouver Police Department
3585 Graveley Street
Vancouver, BC Canada V5K 5J5

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