A Heads up to What Is Coming to NAFA’s 2019 Institute and Expo

The NAFA Institute and Expo is just over a month away. Held in Louisville, Kentucky, this event is one of the largest expos for fleet professionals in North America. Learn more about what services, and products are available on the expo floor, network with thousands of other fleet professionals, and attend training and educational sessions all in one place.

OPS Public Safety will be exhibiting once again this year and the team is thrilled to be part of this event. Here is a debrief as to what is to come this year from OPS Public Safety:

1) Combo Radio Drawer

If you missed it at IACP last year, here is your second chance to learn more about the recent prototype we designed for the Texas Department of Public Safety. This combo radio drawer was designed with a top equipment drawer to store weapons and gear, a bottom perforated drawer (with ventilation on the front and back) to safely store radio equipment and a rifle cabinet on the driver side.

Additional accessories that were added to this design include:

  • Rubber matting in the top drawer to prevent rattling and noise
  • Trigger latch with key lock on the rifle cabinet for easy access
  • Rear safety barrier and cargo rails around sides and front to allow for additional equipment to be stored on top of the unit
  • Black powder coated faces to provide extra durability and diminish visibility
2) New HEAVY-DUTY Pickup Truck Box

We are launching our new heavy-duty Truck Box this year at booth #700. This Truck Box is designed to store all your equipment and gear– for a competitive price! Truck Box features include:

  • Lightweight construction, only weighing 200lbs which increases your payload capacity
  • Store all your equipment with 450lbs drawer capacity and 750lbs top capacity
  • Water resistance to protect your equipment in damp weather conditions
  • One-handed push button handle with key lock for extra security
  • Slam shut operation allows for you to close your box by simply slamming it and it will lock automatically
  • Lock-in/lock-out slides help to keep your gear secure even when parked on a slope
  • Anti-skid tape to safely secure equipment on the top of the box

Learn about these features and more by stopping by our booth #700 or click here to view a concept.

3) Prize Giveaway

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Barbeque season is well on its way, which is why we are giving away a Weber Charcoal Grill to one lucky winner at the show. Here is how you can enter:

4) Meet and Greet with the OPS Public Safety Team

The people at OPS Public Safety are excited to attend another NAFA Institute and Expo, but we are more excited to meet you all. Meet our experienced staff to get expert advice on your next vehicle upfit, receive information on how we have helped large agencies in North America and to learn more about our diverse offerings. Book an appointment with one of our experts here.

There is so many exciting things happening at the NAFA Institute and Expo this year and we can’t wait to be a part of it. We look forward to meeting you all at booth #700!

About OPS Public Safety

OPS Public Safety manufactures weapon and gear storage systems for law enforcement and public safety vehicles. Founded in Kingston, Ontario, Canada in 2006, the family business quickly grew into the US market and opened a second production facility in Watertown, New York in 2018. Today it delivers a full line of storage products across the US, Canada and beyond.

Seven Ways to Customize Your Vehicle Solution

Public Safety agencies are challenged with choosing the right storage systems for all fleet vehicles. OPS Public Safety has recently launched six configurable MAXX Slide packages for SUV’s, pickups, and vans to simplify the spec’ing process. These packages were designed for various departments in mind, including: Accident Reconstruction, SWAT, Bomb Squad, EMS, and Fire.

These packages are completely modular to configure the way you prefer to store your equipment and weapons. We also offer additional options to make the complete solution unique to you. Here are seven different ways to customize your vehicle storage solution:

  • Add perforations to prevent overheating
Looking to store radio equipment? Keep your radio equipment from overheating by adding perforations to the front, back, or sides of the drawer.  These perforations ensure proper ventilation, so your equipment stays cool.  
  • Use the top for additional storage space

Create more storage space by placing duffle bags and equipment on top of the drawer solution. Safely secure equipment on top by adding a polycarbonate barrier at the front or back, and cargo rails around the sides of your cabinet. Cargo rails can also be added as a lip to any open compartment to safely tiedown equipment.

  • Change the color of your unit

Looking for your system to be unseen by the public eye? We offer black powder coating, which can be added to either the drawer faces or the entire unit. We recommend powder coating as it prevents glaring and provides more durability.

  • Safely secure explosives

Need a solution that safely secures explosives, flash bangs, and breaching equipment? We can easily convert any drawer into an ATF Type 3 drawer by adding plywood lining.

  • Extra security for your weapons

All our drawers come with a standard key cylinder lock. However, if you are looking for extra security, we can easily swap out the key cylinder for a simplex 9100 push button, high security deadbolt lock, that comes with a key override.

  • Reduce movement and noise

Do you weapons move around in the drawer while driving?  Safety secure your weapons by adding rubber matting or two-inch foam inserts in each weapon drawer. You also have the option to add gun mounts to you drawer to firmly hold your firearms and prevent them from being scratched or damaged.

  • Create on scene tasks

Does your department carry out command tasks on scene? An easy solution is including a whiteboard to your cabinet.  Choose between a removeable whiteboard door or a flip-up whiteboard drawer.

Often, vehicle storage needs are not as simple as selecting one from a catalog, which is why we like to offer ways to customize your solution. Learn more about our MAXX Slide Configurable packages here or call us today at 630.994.3300 to book a one-on-one consultation with one of our experts!

About OPS Public Safety

OPS Public Safety manufactures weapon and gear storage systems for law enforcement and public safety vehicles. Founded in Kingston, Ontario, Canada in 2006, the family business quickly grew into the US market and opened a second production facility in Watertown, New York in 2018. Today it delivers a full line of storage products across the US, Canada and beyond.

4 Strategies to Refine Your Upfit Process

A quality upfit doesn’t happen overnight. Planning for your next vehicle upfit can be a complicated process if it is rushed or unorganized. There is a tremendous amount of consideration and work that is required when making your vehicle service-ready, but if done effectively, it can improve your team’s productivity, efficiency, and safety.

Here are four strategies to improve your upfit process this year:

1) Plan Ahead

Properly planning in advance can minimize errors and help the upfit process run more smoothly. It is important to take in account how long it is going to take to spec your vehicle, acquire price quotes, the ordering process from different vendors, production times, to delivery. What you can do to get a head start is determine:

  • What worked well last year and what could be improved this year?
  • A list of your department’s vehicle needs/wants?
  • What make, year, and model of vehicles you plan to purchase for the year?
  • Will you be purchasing the newest vehicle model or previous one? If new, consider how long will it take for the vehicle to be delivered.
  • What equipment do you have and what do you need to purchase?
  • Who will complete the installation? Does it need to go to bid?
  • A projected timeframe for when the vehicles needs to be in service.

The earlier you start planning and determine the cost of your ideal upfit, the sooner you can secure your budget, vehicle specs and delivery time.

2) Involve End Users

Fleet managers know a lot about their fleet and how the team works. However, involving the end-users in the upfitting process will help streamline the process and come up with ideas you many not have thought of. Ask your drivers, mechanics, and technicians for input on the following:

  • To improve safety and efficiency on the job, what equipment is needed?
  • Review vehicle specs and get their opinion on their operational needs.
  • Review upfitting components to ensure all tools and equipment are included to perform their job.
  • How can you standardize the vehicles?

A complete understanding of the team’s requirements and input allows for the planning to be done right and have 100% buy-in from all users.

3) Don’t Focus Solely on Price and Location

Oftentimes, fleet managers make their selections based on lowest price or closest location to their facility. This isn’t always the safest option. Understanding your budget and costs are important to consider, but it shouldn’t be the determining factor when selecting a vendor.  When making selections, think outside the limits of price and location. Some attributes aside from location and price that should be considered when choosing your suppliers/upfitters are:

  • Quality of product/workmanship: Do you know anyone that has used the product before? If not, ask for a couple references and call them to get their opinions on what they like and don’t like to determine if it is the right solution for your team.
  • Dependability/reputation: Can you count on the vendor to meet your timelines and budget? Do they have a good reputation in the industry? Check out their website and reviews online.
  • Experience and vendor relationships: Choose a vendor that you can trust and most importantly you can count on. The last thing you want is to place an order from a vendor and it’s impossible to get an update.
  • Delivery Times: Make sure the vendor is aware on the expected delivery times and ensure it is achievable.

4) Limit the Use of Vendors

Many fleet managers allow for too many vendors when upfitting their vehicles. This results in waiting for supplies/product to be delivered at different times, delaying the completion of the vehicle.  Selecting minimal vendors can save you time and money and minimize the risk of errors due to miscommunication or misinterpreted expectations/specifications.

There is an abundance of options for vehicle upfitting which is why the process can be tedious and challenging. Starting with proper planning, receiving end-user input, finding quality suppliers/upfitters and standardizing wherever possible will help to improve your process, and save you time and money.

About OPS Public Safety

OPS Public Safety manufactures weapon and gear storage systems for law enforcement and public safety vehicles. Founded in Kingston, Ontario, Canada in 2006, the family business quickly grew into the US market and opened a second production facility in Watertown, New York in 2018. Today it delivers a full line of storage products across the US, Canada and beyond.

Plan Ahead for a Safe Ride Home

For most, the holiday season is about coming together and enjoying the company of friends and family. Planning your trip ahead of time is the easiest and most reliable way to ensure you and fellow drivers make it home safe.

To do your part, here are 6 ways to keep our roads safe this holiday season:

  • Designate a Driver. It is important to plan this before – not during. Decide on one person who will remain sober during the event.
  • Call a taxi. Unfortunately, the holiday season can cause prolonged wait times. Luckily, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides a state-by-state listing of Sober Ride Programs. Click here to find a program in your area.
  • Call your loved ones. If you feel stuck, call a friend or loved one to pick you up. You may be waking them up from a deep slumber, but they would rather see you safe at home.
  • Use public transportation. Plan an alternate ride. Taking the train or bus is an easy and affordable safe ride home.
  • Hide keys. Leave your keys at home and if you know someone has reached their limit don’t be afraid to take theirs.
  • Book a hotel or spend the night. Book a hotel or plan to stay at the night at the gathering.

Learn more about how you can spread awareness by visiting MADD. 

Happy holidays and a big THANK YOU to all our public safety professionals who work hard to make sure our roads are safe! 


About OPS Public Safety

OPS Public Safety manufactures weapon and gear storage systems for law enforcement and public safety vehicles. Founded in Kingston, Ontario, Canada in 2006, the family business quickly grew into the US market and opened a second production facility in Watertown, New York in 2018. Today it delivers a full line of storage products across the US, Canada and beyond.


MAXX Slide with TDU Command

OPS Public Safety Introduces MAXX Slide Series – Roll-out System for Vans, SUVs and Pickup Trucks

Rollout your custom drawer to access 100% of your weapons and equipment with the MAXX Slide Series.

Watertown, New York – October 23rd, 2018 – OPS Public Safety announced the release of its NEW series of full-extension roll-out systems, designed for emergency response vehicles. Clients can now install the MAXX Slide Series into their van, pickup truck, or SUV for maximized storage space.

The MAXX Slide Series standard features include:

  • Available in 65”, 70”, 75”, and 90” adjustable lengths
  • 100 % access of cargo equipment
  • Locking mechanism every 20” for safe and secure rolling
  • One-handed operation
  • Easy Installation


In addition, clients can choose from OPS Public Safety’s wide range of modular storage solutions, including its weapon drawer, equipment drawer, closet storage, fold-up whiteboard drawer, shelf-unit with flip-down door, and open storage compartment with tie downs to add to the MAXX Slide Series to create a solution that is custom to their needs.

“With the ability to access all of your gear without entering the vehicle, this solution is changing the way many agencies are upfitting their pickups, SUV’s, and vans,” says Joe Lawrenson, Business Development Manager at OPS Public Safety.

If you are looking for a custom roll-out solution for your SUV, pickup or van, find the full details including sizing, features, and how to order here: http://opspublicsafety.com/maxx-slide-series-2/

For more information, contact:

Joe Lawrenson

630-994-3300 x 206



OPS Public Safety was founded in 2006 to service the public safety sector such as police, fire, ems and military departments.

Founded in 2006, OPS Public Safety is an industry leader and manufacturer of vehicle interior and exterior storage systems for law enforcement and public safety vehicles such as the Ford Explorers PIU, Chevy Tahoe PPV, and other law enforcement vehicles. Its products assure secure storage and transport of essential cargo while providing quick access and improved safety for personnel in the field.

Missed us in St. Louis? Come see us at IACP in Orlando!

The IACP Annual Conference and Exposition is the largest law enforcement event of the year with more than 15,000 attendees and more than 600 exhibitors. This year it will be held on Sunday, October 7th to October 9th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. OPS Public Safety will be exhibiting again this year!


If you missed us at the Police Fleet Expo in St. Louis in August, make sure to stop by our booth #913 this year at IACP. Here is why you should:

Try out our Budget-Friendly Pursuit Series – with NEW 12” Mounting Brackets

Our budget-friendly Pursuit Series drawer for Ford and Chevy SUVs is perfect if you require a quality storage solution without breaking the bank. This solution features a black-powdered coated finish, rubber matting, 200lb drawer slides and elevated brackets to ensure spare tire access. OPS Public Safety has always offered a 6” mounting base solution and is now offering a NEW 12” solution for more space under the unit for additional storage. Stop by our booth to see just how much storage you can store under this unit.

Pursuit Series with 12" Mounting Brackets

Learn more about our Combo Radio Drawer Series

Come see our stacked radio drawer with a weapon side compartment with a trigger locking latch. This unit is ideal for securely storing long weapons and a variety of gear. In addition, the bottom drawer is designed with perforations on the front, back and bottom to store radio equipment or damp clothing. Stop by our booth to learn more about this storage solution and the custom solutions we offer.

Combo Radio Drawer Series

Enter for a chance to win an Apple TV

Who doesn’t love free stuff? At our OPS Public Safety booth, we will be offering the chance to win an Apple TV. This digital media television adapter brings you all kinds of entertainment including music, movies, photos, games, and a wide range of apps. Drop by and enter to win!

Apple TV

We will be located at booth #913. We are located on the south/west side of the conference in the personal equipment section – you can find us on the red carpet. Click here to view floor plan!

If you are coming, let us know so that we don’t miss you! Email us for a personal tour of our demo units at the tradeshow.

Police Fleet Expo Booth

4 Reasons to Stop by Our Booth at the Police Fleet Expo!

This year the Police Fleet Expo will be in St. Louis in Missouri and will be held at the America’s Center from August 20th to the 23rd. This will be the 15th annual PFE, and once again it’s set to be the biggest expo for the law enforcement fleet industry in North America. OPS Public Safety will be exhibiting again this year!

If you plan on attending, here are 4 reasons why you should stop by our booth #688:   

View our NEVER-BEEN-SEEN before MAXX Slide Series

Want to see something completely new? This year we will be showcasing our new MAXX Slide Series. What is the MAXX Slide Series?! OPS Public Safety has added a 100% extension truck drawer slide to our product line. See it first with our SWAT drawer storage solution at booth #688.

Try out our Budget-Friendly Pursuit Series – with NEW ELEVATED BRACKETS

Designed for the Chevy Tahoe, Ford Interceptor and Expedition, our Pursuit Series is built with the same quality and craftsmanship as all our products — but they’re more affordable. At PFE, you will get the opportunity to try out our Pursuit Series single drawer, featuring our 12” elevated brackets that ensure spare tire access, while providing more space for storage under the unit.

Learn about our Radio Drawer Series

Designed with perforations on the front, back and bottom, the vented drawer prevents your equipment from overheating or this drawer can also be used to store damp equipment, so it can dry faster. At our booth, see how actual radio equipment is stored in this drawer.

Try out our Whiteboard Drawer Accessory

Whether you want to doodle for fun or create a mock rescue plan, stop by our booth to see our flip up whiteboard drawer accessory. It’ll be featured on our SWAT truck drawer unit installed in a Dodge Ram. Our whiteboard is now available with a selection of our drawer units.


Need more reasons to visit us? How about plenty of giveaways, the opportunity to meet the team and a chance to win a Beats by Dr. Dre wireless speaker?

We will be located at booth #688, right beside the Federal Mogul Motorparts booth. Click here to view floor plan. 

If you are coming, let us know so that we don’t miss you! Email us to book a personal tour of our demo units at the tradeshow. 


Need a few more buying tips? Give us a call at 630-994-3300. 

About OPS Public Safety

  • Founded in 2006, OPS Public Safety manufactures weapon and gear storage systems for law enforcement and public safety vehicles.
  • Its durable and lightweight aluminum products ensure that equipment is secure and easy to get to, and that fuel costs are lowered.
  • All products are made in North America.
  • Customers include law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as fire departments, EMS authorities and military personnel.
Custom SUV Unit with Whiteboard

A Custom Solution for Hamden Fire

Oftentimes first responders are required to carry out command operations and must maintain the ability to transport and store their special equipment. Hamden Fire Department in Connecticut was one of many departments looking for a solution to accommodate all their tactical equipment and ensure it was secure and accessible in the field.

The Situation     

Hamden Fire reached out to OPS Public Safety about designing a unique cabinet for their Ford Expedition that was lightweight, durable and diverse to secure all their command equipment.  Due to weight and longevity concerns they wanted a solution manufactured out of aluminum. Hamden Fire knew that with everything they wanted, this unit was not going to be an out of the box solution. This unit needed to incorporate a whiteboard drawer, shelf space for tactical equipment and the ability to store a Mobile Incident Command System.

The Solution   

OPS Public Safety’s Manager of Business Development, Shane Lawrenson, went to the drawing board with the sales engineers to create a solution that conforms to their requirements. After a couple of revisions, a configurable solution was designed to fit the department’s specific needs and was installed by MHQ in Connecticut. The front of fire unit included a whiteboard drawer for planning out command tasks on-scene, a small drawer for filing papers, a storage compartment for SCBA and air packs, and a passenger side storage space with checker style rubber matting to secure a Mobile Incident Command System. Another unique feature of this unit is that it included a rear shelf unit for tactical bags behind the second-row seat of the driver’s side. Lastly, the top of this unit was lined with an anti-skid layer with cargo rails around the sides and back to provide additional storage space.

The Result        

OPS Public Safety was able to create a custom solution that addressed this department’s distinct requirements. With drawer slides rated at 200lb. total capacity this unit will be able to hold Hamden Fire’s various tactical equipment without a doubt. With the EZ single-handed latch system, responders can access their equipment and carry-out tasks efficiently. This unit is also manufactured out of our durable, lightweight aluminum, so it is built to last – an average of 12 years. This allows for Hamden Fire to transfer this unit into another vehicle in the future.


“It was exciting for me to work on this project as I usually spend a majority of my time with Law Enforcement clients. I do not have as much experience in the fire market, but we were able to develop a solution for this customer and they are very happy with the result.” – Shane Lawrenson, Manager of Business Development

View this custom drawing by clicking the concept below:

Call our Customer Care team today at 630-994-3300 to learn more about how we can help your department find the perfect solution like we did for Hamden Fire!

Thank you to MHQ CT for another quality installation.

Photos of the OPS Public Safety Custom Fire Solution                                                                                      

Click to download brochure 



Command Vehicle Interior

Tips When Planning Your Command Vehicle Interior Upfit

Designing and planning for a command vehicle interior upfit is not a simple process. There are many factors that need to be considered to ensure that your vehicle is response ready, whether it is an SUV, van, or trailer. OPS Public Safety has identified four important factors to consider when planning your next mobile command center upfit.

Interior Capacity

Understanding your interior capacity and constraints is the first thing to consider when determining your desired layout for your command interior. First, you should consider how many people will be in at a time? How many workstations and seating should you allocate? What are the weather considerations – if it’s hot and humid you will need HVAC to keep working conditions comfortable for your staff. How much isle space do you need, what equipment will be stored and how accessible can you get it? What type of security for your equipment do you need, radio/electrical storage space, accessories, shore power/generators, and what is the maximum payload capacity of the vehicle? To ensure you capture all interior specs, discuss with your end-users, their feedback is crucial as they will be using the vehicle daily. 


It is important to establish a realistic timeline for your command project. Depending on the complexity of the command upfit, a typical upfit it could range from two to six months to complete. Ensure you give yourself enough time to plan and spec if the vehicle has to be in service by a specific date.

Vehicle’s Purpose

Determine what exactly this vehicle will be used for. This may take some time. Really think about what this vehicle’s primary purpose will be. What are the day-to-day operations of this command center? What will need to be stored in this vehicle? Will this vehicle require seating or a work bench? If you have an upfit that needs to be done, write down a list of the equipment that you typically use on a given day, this will help give you a better idea of what types of storage and accessories will need to be installed to help you on the job.

Power and Lighting

Depending on the specific needs for your mobile command vehicle, you may need to factor in what power sources that should be accessible to your team as they can be at a location for an extended period of time. Does your vehicle require specific lighting, air conditioning, heating? What are the typical weather conditions? With one-on-one consultations with our experts, we can help you determine which on-scene power sources you should consider.

There are many elements that need to be considered when designing and building your command vehicle. With so many choices and options when planning your command vehicle upfit, it makes sense to have someone guide you through the process. Let OPS Public Safety be your guide for your next turnkey command interior solution. Call us today to book a one-on-one consultation.

Learn more about our command interiors.


Need a few more buying tips? Give us a call at 630-994-3300. 

About OPS Public Safety

  • Founded in 2006, OPS Public Safety manufactures weapon and gear storage systems for law enforcement and public safety vehicles.
  • Its durable and lightweight aluminum products ensure that equipment is secure and easy to get to, and that fuel costs are lowered.
  • All products are made in North America.
  • Customers include law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as fire departments, EMS authorities and military personnel.
Maximize Single Drawer for Pickup Trucks

Maximize Your Truck Bed Storage

There has been a growing trend of law enforcement agencies purchasing pickup trucks over sedans and SUVs over the last few years. Reason being? Pickups are more tough and durable, trucks have a greater haul capacity, more cargo room and storage, pursuit performance, as well as interior comfort.  With all the accessories options available aftermarket, law enforcement agencies are often in search for a customizable solution to help organize their equipment and weapons in the truck bed, with the peace of mind of it being safe and secure. That’s when OPS Public Safety steps in.  

The Situation

In the field, officer’s need to be able to access their equipment and weapons quickly and easily, without jeopardizing security. Often equipment is stored in the back seats or the cargo bed. One – with this approach, the equipment and weapons aren’t safely secured and protected. Two – when driving or in a pursuit chase, the equipment will move around, which can cause damage. Every police department carries different equipment, so a standard storage solution is not always the answer.                              

The Solution

OPS Public Safety has designed and engineered a series of configurable pickup drawers to help each department organize and protect their equipment and weapons, making it easily accessible yet secure when not in use.  For example, the Maximizer Single Drawer is an all-American, lightweight aluminum heavy-duty construction drawer with 500lb drawer slides, built to store a lot of equipment. Some of the benefits of the Maximizer single drawer is the anti-skid top surface with tie-down points to accommodate larger items, an easy one-handed latching system to ensure quick access, and rubber matting to prevent movement and noise while driving. To top it off, OPS Public Safety stands by their products and workmanship by offering a lifetime warranty.                            

The Result 

OPS Public Safety designed a truck drawer unit that maximizes truck bed space, while ensuring that equipment and weapons remain safe, secure and easy to access. See OPS Public Safety’s full line of configurable pickup truck storage solutions here: http://opspublicsafety.com/pickup-truck-systems/ 


“We really enjoyed working on this project,” said Joe Lawrenson, Manager of Business Development. “We find many departments looking for secure storage solutions that allow greater convenience and flexibility. Currently there are options that require users to extend their reach or climb into a pickup bed to retrieve their gear. The OPS solution allows vehicle operators to securely store and access their kit and weapons with ease!”.

Check out our Dual Drawer Truck Bed Video

Photos of the OPS Public Safety Truck Storage Solutions                                                                                        

Click to download brochure 

For more information on the OPS Public Safety CVE Scale Unit, please call Joe Lawrenson at 630.994.3300 x206.