New Combo Radio Drawer was a Huge Hit at IACP 2016

OPS Public Safety’s new Combo Radio Drawer was the biggest draw to their booth at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference and Exposition in San Diego, California, last month (October 15 – 18).

It was the first time the company attended the annual event that’s become the largest gathering of law enforcement leaders in the world. With over 750 exhibitors, it features educational programming, keynote speakers, community-building specialists, and collections of tactical equipment and technology solutions.

OPS Public Safety’s IACP show collection was displayed in a 30-foot by 40-foot red-carpeted booth — the largest footprint at an event like this for the manufacturer of high quality weapon and gear vehicle storage drawers.

“The most popular item for us there was our FIU Combo Unit with a Radio Drawer,” says OPS Public Safety’s VP of Sales, Shane Lawrenson. “And that was great to see because it’s one of our newest items, and we’re certainly proud of it.”

Designed to keep radio equipment from overheating, the Combo Radio Drawer also provides secure storage for weapons in the long box and gear in the top drawer, while the vented drawer can be used to keep communications equipment cool or store officers’ damp clothing.

This drawer was displayed in an SUV along with five other units at IACP 2016, along with a New Mexico State Police pickup truck (complete with an officer). Visitors could also fuel up with free Starbucks coffee and enter to win a Garmin SmartWatch.

“We’ll return to IACP in 2017 in Philadelphia,” says Lawrenson, “Who knows which storage drawer will be the big hit next year?”

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