OPS Public Safety Launches Series of Budget-friendly Vehicle Storage Systems

With the new Pursuit Series, law enforcement agencies no longer have to choose between affordability and quality — they can have both.

(Schaumburg, Illinois) – OPS Public Safety today announced the launch of its Pursuit Series, a growing line of budget-friendly vehicle storage systems for the Chevy Tahoe and Ford Police Interceptor Utility. Aimed at law enforcement agencies needing secure, user-friendly storage solutions for weapons and gear without breaking the bank, the series includes three different modular units, and more are on the way. Each provides significant cost savings over the company’s premium line of products.

“With law enforcement moving away from sedans and towards more expensive SUVs, that leaves fewer dollars for interior storage units,” said Shane Lawrenson, OPS Public Safety’s Director of Business Development. “With the Pursuit Series, however, fleet managers will be able to stretch their budgets while still getting the high-quality, user-friendly storage solutions we’re known for.”

The three units available now within the Pursuit Series are the single storage drawer, the weapons cabinet and the weapons drawer. Like the company’s other storage systems, these are modular units, meaning the weapons drawer and weapons cabinet can easily be exchanged on top of the single storage drawer using an easy four-bolt installation system. Also, like OPS Public Safety’s premium systems, the drawers come with a latch that only requires one hand to open, while the cabinet uses heavy-duty hydraulic gas shocks to keep the lid securely open and closed.

Built with aluminum and finished with black powder coating, all three units have 200-pound-capacity slides, more interior space than the products of the company’s competitors, stainless industrial key locks, and raised mounting brackets to give quick access to the spare tire.

“These three units are just the beginning of the Pursuit Series, however,” said Lawrenson. “We also have a whiteboard drawer and a radio tray drawer still to come. Together with our full line of storage solutions, they’ll give our customers a complete range of options to keep their weapons and equipment secure no matter the budget.”

About OPS Public Safety

OPS Public Safety manufactures weapon and gear storage systems for law enforcement and public safety vehicles. Founded in Kingston, Ontario, Canada in 2006, the family business quickly grew into the US market and opened a second production facility in Schaumburg, Illinois in 2013. Today it delivers a full line of storage products across the US, Canada and beyond.

For more information on the Pursuit Series please visit: https://opspublicsafety.com/pursuit-series/