The OPS PS Advantages: Weapon Storage Done Right

Safe weapon storage is a key responsibility for law enforcement professionals. It ensures that their weapons remain out of the hands of the wrong individuals. There are various practices that can be put in place to ensure weapon security, but the best option is storing them in a safe gun-storage system.

When investing in a mobile storage solution, professionals want to ensure that their weapons are going to remain safe and the solution is going to last. This is where OPS Public Safety steps in. The right solution is different for each individual in the field, but all our solutions provide a maximum level of durability and protection. Here is why:

High grade, All-American Aluminum:

Not only is aluminum lightweight, providing vehicle fuel savings and added payload capacity, it is also widely recognized for its strength and durability. Compared to steel, for example, aluminum is more dent resistant and tough. When both are pushed to the limit, steel breaks well before aluminum. Our all-American aluminum drawers keep your weapons safe and free from forced-entry, giving you peace of mind knowing that they will only be accessible to authorized officers.

Standard Key Lock or Simplex Lock Options:

All our solutions are designed with an industrial stainless-steel key lock to ensure weapons are locked in a safe place when not in use. We also offer a Simplex 9100 Series push button lock with key-less entry for those departments that are looking for extra security.

Return Flanges Versus Raw Edges:

The safety of you and your team is an important factor when we design our weapon storage solutions, which is why they are manufactured with return flanges. This eliminates any sharp, raw edges ensuring safe operation.

High-Density Polypropylene Latches:

Our solutions are manufactured with materials designed for a range of operating conditions and environments; this includes our High-Density Polypropylene latches. Our material selection process considers temperature range, high impact resistance and those certified for automobiles by major automobile manufacturers. The standards we design to allow for a quieter ride, ensure extra security and durability and elongate the lifetime of your weapon storage solution.

Rubber Matting or Foam Insert Options:

To protect your weapons during transit OPS Public Safety offers rubber matting or foam inserts for an additional accessory option. Our two-inch foam liners take away the stress of potential damage and rattling during travel.

At OPS Public Safety we understand how crucial it is for officers to have a safe and secure solution while in the field. We take pride in offering solutions that are designed with end-users in mind that are manufactured with quality materials to ensure that they last a lifetime. Call us today to learn more about how you can benefit from our mobile storage solutions: 630.994.3300.

About OPS Public Safety

OPS Public Safety manufactures weapon and gear storage systems for law enforcement and public safety vehicles. Founded in Kingston, Ontario, Canada in 2006, the family business quickly grew into the US market and opened a second production facility in Watertown, New York in 2018. Today it delivers a full line of storage products across the US and Canada.