What to Know About OPS Public Safety’s New Truck Box

OPS Public Safety recently launched a series to its extensive selection of pickup truck drawer solutions. The Truck Box series comes in four different sizes, with a standard height of 13 inches, depth of 48 inches, and width options of 20 inches, 30 inches, 40 inches or 48 inches.

Why choose our NEW OPS Public Safety Truck Box? Experience these long-term benefits:

Heavy Duty Aluminum Construction

Manufactured with high-grade, heavy duty aluminum our NEW Truck Box is a drawer solution that will be able to withstand equipment weight, daily use, and weather conditions. Aluminum is known for its durability, anti-corrosion properties, and its increased strength in cold environments, ensuring the drawer will last – an expected 12 years!  

Lightweight Design

This Truck Box is designed to be lightweight so you can store more. Weighing in at only 200 pounds, this solution can increase your vehicle’s payload capacity, improve fuel costs and ultimately prolong the vehicle’s lifetime.  

Extensive Drawer Capacity

Although this solution is lightweight, it is extremely durable and can carry all your equipment needed in the field. Departments can store up to 750lb on top of the drawer and 450lb inside of the drawer at full extension.  

Lock-in, Lock out slides

This Truck Box is designed with lock-in, lock-out drawer slides that extend to 42 inches, so when your pickup truck is parked on a hill or slope the open drawer will lock in place. This is a critical feature as you can grab your gear without worrying about holding the drawer open in place at the same time.

Added Features

This solution includes all the extras. It is designed with single-handed operation with slam-shut closing, dual drawer slides to enhance lateral strength and stability, water resistance, four strips of anti-grip tape on the drawer’s top so equipment stored on the top will stay in place, and the choice between three dividers kits to organize your gear and weapons.

Competitively Priced

We have designed the Truck Box series with your budget in mind. Compared to other truck boxes in the market, there’s nothing out there that is this light and this tough for its price. Fleet managers can be rest assured that they are getting a quality solution that not only saves them money short-term, but they will also experience long-term savings that this lightweight, heavy-duty solution delivers.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand by our products, which is why the Truck Box series comes with a lifetime warranty. If you remain the original owner, OPS Public Safety will fix and/or replace your solution if it were to become defective due to our materials, workmanship or manufacturing.


We understand the importance of having a quality solution that can hold up to tough elements and store all your equipment while staying within your budget. This is why our team went to the drawing board to come up with a solution that can give you all three. Visit our pickup truck webpage to learn more about our diverse pickup truck solutions or give us a call at 630.994.3300 to request a quote today.

About OPS Public Safety

OPS Public Safety is an industry-leading manufacturer of storage drawers for law enforcement and public safety vehicles. Founded in 2006, it now has locations in Watertown, New York; Schaumburg, Illinois; and Kingston, Ontario. Since day one, the family business has prided itself on building durable and lightweight aluminum products that ensure equipment is safe, secure, and easy to get to. OPS Public Safety offers storage solutions for SUV, pickups, vans, and command trailers. No matter the need, OPS Public Safety can design and manufacture a storage solution to your agency requirements.