Introducing: All-New 2020 Pursuit Series Brackets

Introducing: All-New 2020 Pursuit Series Brackets

This month at OPS Public Safety, we launched the all-new Pursuit Series Brackets to fit the 2020 Ford Interceptor, Chevy Tahoe and Dodge Durango. The 8” and 12” elevated brackets are quick to install and make it easy to access the spare tire. Our brackets are vehicle specific and designed with your budget in mind. If you decide to move your drawer to a different vehicle type, simply swap the brackets – a much cheaper option then purchasing a new drawer.

Our new brackets are offered in two heights – 8” and 12”. Each has features and benefits for different needs. Whatever you need to store in the back of your SUV, we have the storage solution for you.


The standard 8” Pursuit Series Brackets are ideal if you need extra space on top of your drawer unit to accommodate gear and equipment. Being our more versatile option, these brackets fit 3 vehicle types: 2020 Ford Interceptor, current generation Chevy Tahoe models, and the 2011-2020 Dodge Durango’s.

Designed to be installed with our 12”H single drawer or our 18” stacked drawer – one 12” drawer and one 6” drawer. The 8” brackets provide an elevated mounting solution that doesn’t obstruct your rear view and gives you that extra storage on top of the unit.


The 12” brackets are beneficial for storing larger pieces of equipment under the drawer without obstructing drawer movement. Items such as kit bags, shields, Pelican cases, or drone storage can fit under the drawer. Although these brackets provide more clearance under the drawer, they do not fit in all vehicle types. The 12” brackets only fit the 2020 Ford Interceptor and Chevy Tahoe and only designed with our 12” Single Pursuit Series drawer. Choose our 12” brackets to maximize storage space for the items that will not fit inside your drawer.

“This economical mounting solution allows you to store larger items on the floor without obstructing drawer operation.” says Joe Lawrenson, Business Development Manager at OPS Public Safety, “and we are excited to now offer these new brackets for 2020 Law Enforcement vehicles.”


Simply remove any gear underneath your OPS Public Safety drawer, remove the OEM floor and have complete access to your spare tire.


OPS Public Safety’s Pursuit Series is our budget-conscious storage solution for the Ford Interceptor, Chevy Tahoe, and Dodge Durango. This lightweight drawer only weighs 100lbs but can hold up to 200lbs of equipment. Manufactured from aluminum, which is 40% lighter than steel, ensures it’s durability and longevity. All Pursuit Series drawers come with rubber matting, black powder coated drawer faces, and an industrial key lock for extra security. Choose the single cargo drawer configuration if you have less gear, or the cargo + weapon drawer if you have more gear and weapons to store.

Interested in the Pursuit Series? Call us at 315.595.3300 to discuss your next vehicle storage solution.

About OPS Public Safety

OPS Public Safety is an industry-leading manufacturer of storage drawers for law enforcement and public safety vehicles. Founded in 2006, it now has locations in Watertown, New York, and Kingston, Ontario. Since day one, the family business has prided itself on building durable and lightweight aluminum products that ensure equipment is safe, secure, and easy to get to. OPS Public Safety offers storage solutions for SUV, pickups, vans, and command trailers. No matter the need, OPS Public Safety can design and manufacture a storage solution to your agency requirements.