COVID-19 Trailer Packages

COVID-19 Trailer Packages

With the current pandemic, hospitals are becoming over-run with patients and resources are limited. OPS Public Safety has stepped up and developed a series of packages to upfit trailers to meet emergency preparedness, scene command and mobile supply needs. We are ready to help stop the spread of the virus and are ready to serve you!
Scene Command Trailer Package

Many hospitals in cities like New York are reaching overcapacity and staff are needing extra office space to work. The scene command trailer package was designed to provide an office space where medical staff can work away from the stress inside the hospital. This package also provides space for extra medical supply storage. In the rear of the trailer, there are seven workstations with a hardwood countertop, whiteboards, overhead chest units, and drawer units. There is a large closet for staff to store personal items such as coats and bags, a space for a refrigerator and fridge so that staff can have their lunch in this trailer. The front of the trailer there is another workstation for the supervisor, as well there are lockers, bin units, shelving and closets for extra medical supplies and equipment.

Mobile Supply Trailer Package

Hospitals are noticing a decline in medical supplies, which are critical to help patients fight COVID-19. The mobile supply trailer package is designed to transport and store extra resources for hospitals. This gives hospitals easy access to more supplies so they can continue to treat patients, release them, and avoid reaching capacity of patients they can handle. This package includes 3 rows of enclosed shelving to organize medical supplies and personal protection equipment. On top of the enclosed shelving is a row of open shelving with adjustable dividers to store papers, clipboards, or other supplies. Underneath the shelving is open cubby spaces to store larger pieces of equipment such as ventilators or oxygen tanks. At the front of the trailer is two desk areas with a hardwood countertop, and two drawer units. These areas can be used to complete paperwork or extra office areas for hospital staff.

Emergency Preparedness Trailer Package

OPS Public Safety is proactively preparing for future challenges by providing an emergency preparedness trailer package. Included in this package is open shelving units for larger pieces of equipment, open bin units and drawer units to organize smaller tools, and open cubby spaces underneath the shelving for extra equipment storage. In the rear of the trailer is an enclosed office space for the supervisor to work while the trailer is out in the field. Bench seating is included for extra staff members.

Container or High Roof Van

Don’t have a trailer? No problem. Any of these packages can fit inside a container or high roof van. All of our cabinets are 72” high for maximum storage space and all cabinets have full aluminum backs for easy installation and maximum durability. If one of these packages doesn’t suit your needs for your high roof van, we have a few different packages to share with you.

Add Options

These standard packages come only with OPS Public Safety’s aluminum cabinets and hardwood countertop. However, we can add on any options you may need to optimize your trailer and suit how you use it. Whether you need lighting, flooring, wall paneling, HVAC or power, we’ve got you covered. Our aim is to make the frontline workers’ job easier and more efficient during this time and do our part to stop spread of the virus.

Ready to get started on your trailer upfit? Please give your sales territory manager a call or call Shane Lawrenson at 315.595.3300.

About OPS Public Safety

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