Introducing: The PIU 2020 Series

Introducing: The PIU 2020 Series

We are pleased to announce the release of a new premium drawer series made for the 2020 Police Ford Interceptor. These drawers are modular so you can choose your own configuration, quiet while driving on the road, and secure to keep your weapons and gear out of the wrong hands.

New Mounting Solution: The Flip-Up Base

We have just released the new flip-up base. This innovative design hinges up, providing easy access to the spare tire. It is elevated so that you can mount radio equipment to the underside. The trigger latches on either side of the base ensure that your equipment will stay safe and secure. And mounting this base couldn’t be easier. Simply use the brackets and hardware provided to mount it onto the OEM floor.

The Single Drawer

The single drawer is designed to fit with the flip-up base. What’s handy about this drawer? It is compatible with all Setina and Pro-gard barriers, while still having access to the spare tire. This drawer is modular, so you can start with the single drawer today, and if you need more storage space in the future, another drawer can be stacked on top. The single drawer comes with all of OPS Public Safety’s standard features. The drawer face and top come black powder coating to reduce glare and increase durability. Equipped with 200lbs drawer slides, you can store all your gear and weapons in this drawer. Cargo rails come mounted on all four sides for extra storage on top of your drawer.

The Stacked Drawer

The stacked drawer is designed to be mounted on top of the single drawer. Choose from the 40” wide drawer or 44”wide drawer. Maximize your cargo space with the new 44”wide drawer, ideal for storing a wider range of weapons and larger equipment. The stacked drawer comes with all the standard features including, black powder coated drawer faces and top, 200lbs drawer slides, and cargo rails on all sides.

NEW PRODUCT: The Radio Cover

The radio cover is a new, cost-effective product for storing your radio equipment and other electronics. Simply mount your electronics on top of the single or stacked drawer, then install the radio cover on top to keep your equipment secure and protected. The cover has perforations on the front and sides to keep your electronics from overheating. The whole unit is powder coated black to decrease glare in the back of your vehicle.

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About OPS Public Safety

OPS Public Safety is an industry-leading manufacturer of storage drawers for law enforcement and public safety vehicles. Founded in 2006, it now has locations in Watertown, New York, and Kingston, Ontario. Since day one, the family business has prided itself on building durable and lightweight aluminum products that ensure equipment is safe, secure, and easy to get to. OPS Public Safety offers storage solutions for SUV, pickups, vans, and command trailers. No matter the need, OPS Public Safety can design and manufacture a storage solution to your agency requirements.