3 Advantages of On-Site Medical Treatment for Your Team

3 Advantages of On-Site Medical Treatment for Your Team

The COVID-19 virus showed us all that we needed to up our game when it comes to helping our communities in a crisis. This little virus turned the healthcare and first responder community on its ear. There is opportunity in almost every circumstance, and The Charlie Station is one of them. This powerhouse provides your team exactly what it needs in a mobile medical unit to go out and service your community. When determining how to handle mobile COVID testing or vaccine administration, The Charlie Station is an easy answer.

3 Advantages of The Charlie Station for Your Employees

Give your team the best tools to succeed in their jobs. Consider these three advantages of choosing The Charlie Station for your mobile medical response needs:

  1. Easy to transport between sites: Your team needs to get from site to site with ease. The Charlie Station was built to be highly compact and easy to tow. Don’t let its smaller size fool you. It holds everything required to serve your community encased in top-quality aluminum cabinetry. You can place the Charlie Station easily in just about any area you need it to be.
  2. Keeps your employees protected from weather and safe with socially distanced workstations: This fully functional mobile medical unit can handle challenging weather that shows up while on site. Additionally, using the optional protective curtains creates socially distant workstations while giving your team the ability to do their job. These curtains allow them to conduct temperature checks, screenings, testing, and vaccinations through small holes.
  3. Handles your team’s technology needs: Today’s world is driven by technology. As a result, your team needs to use computers, tablets, and mini-fridges while on site. The Charlie Station was designed to handle all your needs with access to chargers, lighting, 125V outlets, and USB outlets powered by shore power.

In short, The Charlie Station provides your employees with a mobile medical response unit that can be deployed in any weather. In addition, it offers easy cleaning of socially distanced workstations with easy access to critical supplies and will not leave your team languishing for technology support in the field.

Support Your Team with a Mobile Medical Unit from OPS Public Safety

Don’t leave your employees scrambling to come to your city’s aid. Instead, talk with the knowledgeable staff at OPS Public Safety about your options, including a Charlie Station. We believe you will agree that it is the smartest move you can make to support your team.

Get a quote for The Charlie Station from OPS Public Safety today when you contact us today. If you are located in the United States, then please call (315) 595-3300. We will put you in touch with one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff members.