Introducing the

To help fight against COVID-19, the Charlie Station was designed and developed for Health Care Professionals.

Mitigate Risks and Manage Precautions with the Charlie Station

OPS Public Safety has partnered with Wellness Systems Inc. to introduce the Charlie Station, a mobile vaccination and testing station. With full check-in compliance, PPE distribution, and hygiene support, you can take this mobile-ready station to any location.

The mobile unit designed for remote deployment.

Designed with EZ STAK cabinetry to store equipment.

An infection control command post with three protective curtains.

Protective curtains can be set up in multiple configurations for safety.

The Charlie Station is tech-friendly for chargers, monitors, and tablets.

Equip cabinets with Personal Protective Equipment.

Check-in point for screening and temperature check of visitors.

Comes with two hands-free sanitation stations and monitors.

Shoreline power support chargers, lighting, 125V & USB outlets.

OPS and Wellness Systems Inc

Why the
Charlie Station
was developed

OPS Public Safety and Wellness Systems Inc. partnered together to offer a mobile-ready station that allows companies to safely conduct COVID-19 screening and testing, distribute personal protective equipment, and provide COVID-19 vaccination. The key objectives of the Charlie Station are:

  • To create a remote, rapidly deployable all-weather unit
  • To create socially distant work stations that are easy to clean and maintain
  • To provide a lockable, adaptable platform that allows quick access to critical supplies
  • To provide a mobile platform that can be used to integrate technology in the field

Health And Safety Checkpoint

Use the Charlie Station as a check-in point for indoor or outdoor screenings. Provide health screenings, temperature checks, and vaccinations. 

Equipped with Top Technology

Each Charlie Station comes fully equipped with monitors, tablets, and the option of two mini-fridges for testing and vaccinations. 

Compactable and Transportable

Designed to give businesses who work on remote sites a mobile-ready station that they can set up anywhere quickly and safely.

The Charlie Station is the new base camp for all on-set health and safety staff and initiatives.
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