Enclosed trailers for response vehicles

OPS Public Safety has a wide range of modular interior options to upfit enclosed trailers used for everything from SWAT and command response to event security and disaster relief. Whether you’re looking for drawers, cabinets, shelving units, a power supply or all of the above, we’ll work with you one-on-one to design an interior that suits exactly how you’ll use it so that you are ready to roll no matter the need. Find the ideal enclosed trailers and utility trailers for sale here. We also do custom installations, so feel free to contact us with your enclosed trailer interior ideas.

Truck gun safe and gun storage

OPS Public Safety’s truck organizers and gun safes ensures that your response team has quick and safe access to their weapons. Designed for efficiency and the ultimate safety, you can use our enclosed trailer shelving to safely store guns.

Firearm safety is the responsibility of your team. Many law enforcement officials rely on concealed gun safes and underseat gun safes to make sure their guns don’t end up in the wrong hands. There are many types of under seat truck storage solutions from OPS Public Safety that can help you enable a safe environment. Contact us for more information about our gun storage solutions.

Enclosed trailer storage cabinets

Whether you operate a Swat sprinter van or a fleet of police SWAT vans, our custom enclosed trailer shelving can be designed to suit your needs. With a variety of high quality enclosed trailer storage cabinets and metal shelving, we can help you create vehicle interiors that are designed to ensure public safety and the safety of your team.

About OPS Public Safety

Our manufacturing and distribution facility is strategically located in Watertown, New York, and Kingston, Ontario. We deliver our complete line of products across the USA, and Canada. We embrace Lean Manufacturing principles and Six Sigma quality standards, resulting in predictable lead times, value for our customers, and a culture of getting the job done right. Get an SUV drawer system and vehicle shelving systems for your public safety vehicle today.