EZ Folding Shelf

EZ Folding Shelf

Our heavy-duty aluminum folding shelf units are available in 23 different sizes for medium and high roof Ford Transit and Ram Promaster vans. Each unit comes with two foldable shelves, has a total weight capacity of 250-pounds, and comes equipped with slow-fold gas springs, hemmed edges, and yellow corner guards, making the unit durable and safe to use.


Fits Medium Roof Vans:

  • FS-MR-48-16-100 (36″H x 16″D)
  • FS-MR-48-18-100 (48″H x 18″D)
  • FS-MR-60-16-100 (60″H x 16″D)
  • FS-MR-60-18-100 (60″H x 18″D)
  • FS-MR-72-16-100 (72″H x 16″D)
  • FS-MR-72-18-100 (72″H x 18″D)
  • FS-MR-84-16-100 (84″H x 16″D)
  • FS-MR-84-18-100 (84″H x 18″D)

Fits High Roof Vans:

  • FS-HR-36-16-100 (36″H x 16″D)
  • FS-HR-36-18-100 (36″H x 18″D)
  • FS-HR-36-20-100 (36″H x 30″D)
  • FS-HR-48-16-100 (48″H x 16″D)
  • FS-HR-48-18-100 (48″H x 18″D)
  • FS-HR-48-20-100 (48″H x 20″D)
  • FS-HR-60-16-100 (60″H x 16″D)
  • FS-HR-60-18-100 (60″H x 18″D)
  • FS-HR-60-20-100 (60″H x 20″D)
  • FS-HR-72-16-100 (72″H x 16″D)
  • FS-HR-72-18-100 (72″H x 18″D)
  • FS-HR-72-20-100 (72″H x 20″D)
  • FS-HR-84-16-100 (84″H x 16″D)
  • FS-HR-84-18-100 (84″H x 18″D)
  • FS-HR-84-20-100 (84″H x 20″D)

Standard Features

  • Designed for Ford Transit and Ram Promaster high roof and medium roof vans.
  • Each shelving unit has a load rating of 250lbs, evenly distributed.
  • Slow gas spring assist so personnel can open and fold-down shelves safely and easily.
  • Each shelving unit comes with two foldable shelves, available in four widths.
  • Corners come with yellow safety guards to make it visible and safe for workers.
  • Strategically designed to use OEM mounting holes for simple installation.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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