With Cylinder Key Lock

Large SUV Radio Drawer

Protect Valuable Equipment
Keep your radio equipment cool and working with our large SUV Radio Drawer. This two-drawer unit that comes with one vented drawer and one regular drawer. Designed with perforations on the front, back and bottom, the vented drawer prevents your equipment from overheating and can also be used to store damp equipment.

Standard Features

  • Top & drawer faces powder coat black
  • 500lbs drawer slides
  • Cylinder key locks
  • Cargo rail on 3 sides
  • Rubber mat inside top drawer only


  • Gun Mount, SKU: 1026774
  • 2″ Foam Liner, SKU: 1408380
  • 36″W Front Cargo Rail, SKU: 2002521
  • 40″W Front Cargo Rail, SKU: 2002311
  • 46″W Front Cargo Rail, SKU: 2002628


Fits ≤ 2019 Ford Expedition and ≤ 2019 Chevy Tahoe

  • OPS-20-46-36-DY-R

Mounting Platforms (necessary for install):

  • ≤ 2019 Ford Expedition: FEU-0000
  • ≤ 2019 Chevy Tahoe: CTU-0000


Divider Kit (includes rails and one side-to-side divider):

  • 2003246 (top drawer only)

Extra Dividers:

  • 2002785 (top drawer only)

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