Medium SUV Single Drawer

Simplify your Storage

Keep it simple with OPS Public Safety’s medium SUV single drawer series, which provides quick and secure access to your equipment. Built with durable, all-aluminum construction, this drawer is lightweight but durable, it can hold up to 200lbs at full extension.  Designed to fit Ford Interceptor and Dodge Durango, all you need is the vehicle specific mounting base.

Standard Features

  • Fabricated from aluminum
  • Anti-skid top surface with cargo rail
  • One-handed latch system with key cylinder lock
  • Drawer slides rated at 200lbs. total capacity
  • Drawer faces powder coated black
  • Rubber matting inside drawer


  • Simplex 9100 push button deadbolt with key override. Part#: 1002897
  • Dividers – one side-to-side divider. Part#: 40101014
  • 2″ Foam Liner. Part#: 1408380
  • Gun Mount. Part#: 1026774
  • Cargo Rail – Add a front cargo rail. Part#: 40101018
  • Powder Coat Entire Unit – 40101007-OPTION C


Fits 2020 Ford Interceptor and ≤ 2019 Ford Interceptor

  • OPS-12-40-24-D
  • OPS-15-40-24-D
  • OPS-20-40-24-D

Fits ≤ 2019 Dodge Durango

  • OPS-12-36-28-D
  • OPS-20-36-28-D

Mounting Platforms (necessary for install):

  • 2020+ Ford Interceptor: FIU-2020-100 (Flip-Up Base) or FIU-2020 (Slide-Back Base)
  • ≤ 2019 Ford Interceptor: FIU-0000
  • ≤ 2019 Dodge Durango: DDU-0000

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