Chevy Tahoe Storage Drawers

Designed for Chevy Tahoe & Ford Expedition


Choose from OPS Public Safety’s standard line of Chevy Tahoe drawers. Designed to fit a variety of weapons, equipment, and electronic devices. Choose from a single, stacked or dual, or organizer drawer, specifically all applications of patrol, command, canine, and SWAT.

All OPS Public Safety drawers are manufactured from aluminum, which means they are lightweight, so doesn’t weigh down your vehicle, yet durable enough to hold your equipment. Store up to 200lb of gear in each drawer at full extension, or if you need to store more weight, choose our premium option of 500lb drawer slides. All our drawer systems come standard with textured black powder coating on the drawer faces which will protect your drawer from corrosion and keep it out of sight. Key locks come on each drawer to keep your gear and weapons inside your drawer and out of the wrong hands. You don’t always have two free hands when you’re on duty, which is why we use a one-handed drawer opening mechanism.

When seconds count, you can’t compromise on quality – that’s why the preferred choice is OPS Public Safety.

Single Drawer

Stacked Drawer Series

Radio Drawer Series

Pursuit Series

Chevy Tahoe Storage Drawer Install gallery

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