Our standard drawers and application-specific cabinets are installed using tailor-made mounting bases, with individual models designed to fit all popular pursuit vehicles including Chevy Tahoe, Ford Interceptor, Ford Expedition and Dodge Durango.

The use of an installation base allows the weight of the cabinet to rest on the floor of the truck while enabling the cabinet itself to be slid backwards for easy access to the vehicle spare tire.

Our vehicle-specific cabinets are supplied with the correct installation base while the appropriate base for our modular products should be purchased separately depending on which vehicle they will be installed into.


Why choose ops

With over two decades of expertise in the design and manufacture of highly specialized mobile workstations, OPS Public Safety is trusted by law enforcement and emergency services all over the US to provide robust, turnkey emergency response trailers.

  • State-of-the-art, compliant design
  • Industry approved packages from 12ft-53ft trailers
  • Aluminum construction – 50% lighter than steel
  • Advanced security & locking systems
  • Custom, turnkey interiors – delivered ready to roll