Mobile Command Trailer

Advanced mobile workstations with all the infrastructure you need to coordinate and run operations, even in remote locations.

Sizes: 16, 20′, 24′ & 28′

From urban to off-road settings, our Mobile Command Trailers are equipped with all the storage and technical features your team needs to take control of unpredictable situations quickly, and run safe, efficient operations from almost any location.

Simply roll up and take command with our ops-ready Mobile Command trailers, packed with intuitive storage solutions for all the kit and equipment you need to effectively coordinate emergency response and security operations.
Fully configurable to the specific needs of your team, our Mobile Command Trailers are designed as a ‘hitch and go’ solution for incident management, with storage for protective gear, weapons and first aid resources as well as operational features including TV screens, whiteboards, desk space and more.


Driver side: 86″H x 364″W x 24″D

  • Closet Unit – CL-86-26-24-001
  • Chest Unit – CH-18-36-24-002
  • Countertop – CT-02-108-24
  • Drawer Unit – DU-36-36-24-003
  • Rifle Storage – RACK^5071-A00
  • Countertop – CT-31.5-72-24-001
  • Drawer Unit – DU-30-24-24-003

Passenger side: 86″H x 286″W x 36″D

  • Bench Unit – BNCH-22-76-36-001
  • Chest Unit – CH-18-36-24-002
  • Closet Unit – CL-86-36-24-001
  • Closet Unit – CL-36-36-24-004
  • Countertop – CT-02-72-24
  • Chest Unit – CH-24-36-24-005
  • Countertop – CT-02-48-24-005

Exterior options

  • Powered awning
  • Flat screen cabinet & awning

Featuring a steel chassis for strength and an aluminum body for increased payload, our Mobile Command trailers are built for robust performance in even the most challenging environments. Onboard features such as HVAC, LED lighting, and powered awnings ensure the comfort of personnel, even on extended operations.

Interior features:

  • Optional powder coating of cabinets
  • Spray foam insulation
  • PCP Panelling
  • Anti-slip Flooring
  • Driver/passenger side interior storage systems
  • Exterior storage drawers and cabinets
  • HVAC
  • Power panel
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Exterior/directional lighting
  • 100V/120V wiring
  • Exterior generator cabinet for Onan/Cummins generation
  • OPS Trailer Packages - Step-by-Step Design GuideDownload

Why choose ops

With over two decades of expertise in the design and manufacture of highly specialized mobile workstations, OPS Public Safety is trusted by law enforcement and emergency services all over the US to provide robust, turnkey emergency response trailers.

  • State-of-the-art, compliant design
  • Industry approved packages from 12ft-53ft trailers
  • Aluminum construction – 50% lighter than steel
  • Advanced security & locking systems
  • Custom, turnkey interiors – delivered ready to roll