CVE/MCCD Pickup Storage

Designed specifically for the safe storage and transportation of vibration-sensitive equipment, our Maxx Slide CVE drawer transforms a standard truck bed into an optimized resource for vehicle enforcement personnel out on the road.

The unit has space for four HAENNI scales, plus a top drawer to hold a creeper and inspection equipment, a middle drawer to hold small handheld tools, and two rear compartments with flip-up doors to hold larger equipment.


4 HAENNI scale compartments
Middle equipment drawer
Top weapons drawer
2 rear storage units


  • Aluminum construction
  • Cargo bed 34.5”W x65″D
  • Powder coated drawer fronts
  • Key locks
  • 2x front-to-back divider
  • 500lb drawer slides
  • Flip-up doors
  • 1x gas spring compartment

Model number: TDU-21.54860-700

  • 6002_Limited-Lifetime-Warranty-2022-OPSDownload

Why choose ops

With over two decades of expertise in the design and manufacture of highly specialized mobile workstations, OPS Public Safety is trusted by law enforcement and emergency services all over the US to provide robust, turnkey emergency response trailers.

  • State-of-the-art, compliant design
  • Industry approved packages from 12ft-53ft trailers
  • Aluminum construction – 50% lighter than steel
  • Advanced security & locking systems
  • Custom, turnkey interiors – delivered ready to roll