A Custom Design For The Salt River Police Department

Just east of Scottsdale, Arizona, sits the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, a 52,000-acre territory in the Sonoran Desert policed by the Salt River Police Department (SRPD). Sand, dirt, and wind are just part of the job for the SRPD, but those desert elements can also damage valuable equipment. Enter OPS Public Safety…

The Problem                                                                                                                  

Sand and dirt was blowing into one of the SRPD’s storage boxes, damaging the equipment kept inside. Unable to find a storage unit to prevent this problem, the SRPD contacted OPS Public Safety to engineer a custom unit that would keep the desert elements out.

The Solution                                                                                                                   

After a number of one-on-one consultations, OPS Public Safety offered a few custom solutions. The final design SRPD chose has a fold-down door that prevents sand and dirt from entering, and weather stripping around the frame, making the unit fully water and sand tight. As an added bonus, OPS Public Safety also developed a boltless application so that drilling isn’t needed to move the unit to another truck. Reinstallation takes less than 15 minutes.

The Result                                                                                                                      

The SRPD couldn’t be happier with the result, particularly with the personalized service OPS Public Safety offered until the right solution was found

“You worked with our lead fleet person and myself, and came up with an enclosed unit which, to my knowledge, is unique in the industry. I have heard nothing but praise from my officers, and I have observed equipment to be clean and serviceable. I would highly recommend OPS boxes.”               

James W. Sutphen, Commander, Salt River Police Department

Photos of the OPS Public Safety Weathertight Drawer  
Arizona’s desert elements are no match for OPS Public Safety’s tailor-made storage unit.

For more information on the OPS Public Safety Weathertight Pickup Drawer, please call Joe Lawrenson at 607.301.6711.