Supporting First Responders to Defeat the Desert Elements

We’re nature lovers here at OPS Public Safety and love getting out into the elements – wind, rain, sun, snow.

But we also know those same elements, when at their most extreme, can be responsible for a LOT of damage to valuable work equipment.

We were reminded of this when we were called by a police department who oversee a 52,000-acre territory in the Sonoran Desert. 

The Sonoran Desert: AKA the hottest desert in the US and Mexico.

Sand-damage solution needed

Needless to say, the police department faced big challenges. Their biggest when it came to their mobile workspace equipment was sand and dirt damage.

Their existing storage systems just couldn’t keep these elements out, which were damaging the expensive high-tech equipment inside. 

Unable to find any products to resolve the problem, the police department called us at OPS Public Safety.

Honoured to be of help, we carried out a number of 1:1 consultations with the team and afterwards came up with a sand- and water-tight, custom unit that did the job to the highest standard.

The problem-solving pickup drawer

The final design incorporated a fold-down door that prevented sand and dirt entering – along with weather stripping around the frame. We also developed a boltless application so drilling wasn’t needed to move the unit – our Max 40 Weathertight Pickup Drawer. to another truck.

We did a time-test to see how long it took to move the drill-free unit to another vehicle, in fact, and reinstallation was less than 15 minutes. 

Feedback from our police partners

We’re happy to report that our partners at the police department were thrilled with the finished results.

‘You worked with our lead fleet manager and myself,’ said the commander in chief, ‘and came up with an enclosed unit which, to my knowledge, is unique to the industry. I have heard nothing but praise from my officers.’