A Forensic Investigation Van Upfit

Forensic Investigation is an essential part of the process of solving a crime. There are many pieces of equipment needed to collect evidence and analyze information, and the most efficient way to do this is to have a Forensic Investigation Van in your agency’s fleet. Rather than bringing all the evidence back to a laboratory, examiners can carry out an investigation right at the scene of the crime.

The Situation

A large federal agency was looking for a turnkey upfit of the brand-new cargo van in their fleet. They needed a van that could get to the crime scene quickly before any of the evidence is moved, to ensure a quality investigation can be carried out. They needed the van to be equipped with storage for all the tools and equipment needed to collect, investigate and analyze evidence. They also needed an office area for research, performing tests and filling out investigation paperwork. The agency needed the van to be complete and ready to use in just eight weeks – not a lot of time for a turnkey van upfit!

The Solution

OPS Public Safety stepped in to create the ideal mobile workspace system for this federal agency. Our sales team met one-on-one with the agency to figure out their exact needs and our engineers got straight to work to design a 3D drawing to capture their ideas. Once revisions were made and the concept was drawn to perfection, our install team began to insulate and panel the walls. Heating and A/C was installed to keep the Forensic Investigation team comfortable in any weather. Red and white LED lighting was installed so examiners don’t lose night vision and to reduce visibility of the van at night. The agency also requested fold down bench seating for extra passengers, which we manufactured and installed. Finally, lockers, drawers and overhead units were installed to store larger items such as:

  • Photography equipment
  • Fingerprint analysis equipment
  • Laptops for communication and research

And smaller tools such as:

  • Evidence collection containers
  • Measuring devices
  • Flashlights
  • First aid kits
  • Crime scene tape
  • Notebooks
  • Personal Protection Equipment

The Result

In just eight weeks, OPS Public Safety completed and delivered the Forensic Identification Unit back to the agency, who was impressed by the quality and durability of the design.

“OPS Public Safety yet again delivered a mobile workspace with excellence.” says Joe Lawrenson, Business Development Manager at OPS Public Safety, “Our design staff worked closely with the user group to develop an interior package that both captured the ergonomic and equipment needs. Our install team included an on-board generator, fuel fired heater, polyurethane insulated walls and ceiling and cabinets by OPS Public Safety.”

About OPS Public Safety

OPS Public Safety is an industry-leading manufacturer of storage drawers for law enforcement and public safety vehicles. Founded in 2006, it now has locations in Watertown, New York, and Kingston, Ontario. Since day one, the family business has prided itself on building durable and lightweight aluminum products that ensure equipment is safe, secure, and easy to get to. OPS Public Safety offers storage solutions for SUV, pickups, vans, and command trailers. No matter the need, OPS Public Safety can design and manufacture a storage solution to your agency requirements.

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