A Custom Solution For Hamden Fire

Oftentimes first responders are required to carry out command operations and must maintain the ability to transport and store their special equipment. Hamden Fire Department in Connecticut was one of many departments looking for a solution to accommodate all their tactical equipment and ensure it was secure and accessible in the field.

The Situation     

Hamden Fire reached out to OPS Public Safety about designing a unique cabinet for their Ford Expedition that was lightweight, durable and diverse to secure all their command equipment.  Due to weight and longevity concerns they wanted a solution manufactured out of aluminum. Hamden Fire knew that with everything they wanted, this unit was not going to be an out of the box solution. This unit needed to incorporate a whiteboard drawer, shelf space for tactical equipment and the ability to store a Mobile Incident Command System.

The Solution   

OPS Public Safety’s Manager of Business Development, Shane Lawrenson, went to the drawing board with the sales engineers to create a solution that conforms to their requirements. After a couple of revisions, a configurable solution was designed to fit the department’s specific needs and was installed by MHQ in Connecticut. The front of fire unit included a whiteboard drawer for planning out command tasks on-scene, a small drawer for filing papers, a storage compartment for SCBA and air packs, and a passenger side storage space with checker style rubber matting to secure a Mobile Incident Command System. Another unique feature of this unit is that it included a rear shelf unit for tactical bags behind the second-row seat of the driver’s side. Lastly, the top of this unit was lined with an anti-skid layer with cargo rails around the sides and back to provide additional storage space.

The Result        

OPS Public Safety was able to create a custom solution that addressed this department’s distinct requirements. With drawer slides rated at 200lb. total capacity this unit will be able to hold Hamden Fire’s various tactical equipment without a doubt. With the EZ single-handed latch system, responders can access their equipment and carry-out tasks efficiently. This unit is also manufactured out of our durable, lightweight aluminum, so it is built to last – an average of 12 years. This allows for Hamden Fire to transfer this unit into another vehicle in the future.

“It was exciting for me to work on this project as I usually spend a majority of my time with Law Enforcement clients. I do not have as much experience in the fire market, but we were able to develop a solution for this customer and they are very happy with the result.”

Shane Lawrenson, Manager of Business Development

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Thank you to MHQ CT for another quality installation.

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