Secure, ventilated storage is no longer a problem with OPS Public Safety’s made-to-order Combo Radio Drawer.

From 100-plus degree temperatures to rough mountain roads to desert terrain, the conditions can be severe for personnel with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). That’s why it’s important for their equipment to be ready, organized, and working no matter the environment. And that’s why the statewide law enforcement agency turned to OPS Public Safety earlier this year when their storage units weren’t doing the job.

The Problem

There were four main problems with the department’s storage units. One, they didn’t hold equipment and gear in an organized way. Two, the units themselves rattled too much when personnel were on the roads. Three, because of the state’s sometimes high temperatures and the storage units’ lack of ventilation, the DPS’s radio equipment would overheat and not function the way it should. And four, personnel were having issues gaining access to the spare tire.

The Solution

OPS Public Safety took a very hands-on approach to solve these problems, visiting the DPS multiple times and consulting with every level of employee affected by the storage units. Back at home, we designed two different prototype units, and eventually, the DPS decided on a custom version of the Combo Radio Drawer. Built with heavy-gauge aluminum to prevent that rattling, the unit has a vented drawer to keep radio equipment cool as well as a long box and second drawer to keep gear organized. The vented drawer can also be used to store damp equipment. We designed a unique storage solution for them to gain access to their box as well, which was tested by many DPS members.

The Result

From end-users to fleet personnel, everyone at the DPS who uses this unique storage solution is satisfied with the result. So satisfied, in fact, that the department ordered 222 of them.

“We made the top brass at DPS happy due to our unique spare tire access cover,” says Shane Lawrenson, OPS Public Safety’s Director of Business Development. “It was an exciting project to work on, and we have provided a perfect solution to a problem that our client was having. That is the way we approach each and every client we deal with.”