A Custom Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Van Upfit

Compliance with commercial vehicle laws and regulations is enforced on-road each and every day. To do so, law enforcement officers are tasked to conduct periodic inspections on commercial vehicles, trailers and carts to ensure that these vehicles are being driven safely and that these drivers are abiding by the motor vehicle requirements.

These types of inspections require various types of equipment to complete, which is why having an organized workspace is crucial for commercial vehicle enforcement officers to be able to perform their job efficiently.

The Situation   

A large federal agency in the Southwestern part of the United States was looking for exactly that for their Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Transit Van. This agency was looking for a turnkey solution equipped with power and light that was able store all of their equipment such as traffic cones, signage boards, CVE scales, and inspection kits that also provided an area for officers to document reports. In addition, they wanted a solution that had enough desk space for officers to comfortably sit and complete work as they had previously encountered this issue with other designs. This is when OPS Public Safety stepped in. Business Development Manager, Herman Sanchez was determined to find a solution that addressed this department’s unique demands.

The Solution   

Working with WAC Upfitters and the customer, Herman was able to make changes to a previous design that would accommodate the individual needs of the department. The original design included shelving with dividers to safely store CVE Scales and inspection equipment such as hoisting or lifting devices, and wheel assembly/removal gadgets, storage drawers to secure small handheld tools including torque wrenches and measuring devices and a desk area to provide space for reporting. Modifications included lengthening and heightening the desk space to provide more room, incorporating a 10” diameter circular cut-out to store signage boards, adding a traffic cone holder and including cargo netting to provide ventilation for an air conditioner/heater.

The Result        

Herman and WAC Upfitters were able to come together to find a solution that was able to satisfy the customer’s concerns and needs. The department’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Van is equipped with a unique solution that ensures that their officers can easily organize/access their inspection equipment, and efficiently perform their daily tasks.

“I really enjoyed sitting down with the Agency to go over their design needs for what they envisioned for this vehicle. Then seeing how all the parts came together and how well our product fit into the vehicle to meet these demands. It shows that OPS Public Safety takes pride in acknowledging what our customers need, delivering a quality product that they will enjoy and be proud to use.”

– Herman Sanchez, Business Development Manager

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Thank you to WAC Upfitters for another quality installation.

Photos of the OPS Public Safety CVE Van Solution