Large SUV Single Drawer

Designed to fit Chevy Tahoe and Ford Expedition SUVs, our large SUV drawers are available in two widths (44” and 46”) as well as three depths (12,16 and 20”).

Built with all-aluminum construction, this drawer is lightweight but durable, and equipped to hold up to 200lbs at full extension. Combine with the vehicle-specific mounting base for seamless installation into your chosen vehicle.


Fits 2020+ Ford Expedition

  • OPS-12-46-28-D (12″H x 46″W x 28″D)
  • OPS-12-46-36-D (12″H x 46″W x 36″D)
  • OPS-16-46-36-D (16″H x 46″W x 36″D)
  • OPS-20-46-36-D (20″H x 46″W x 36″D)

Fits 2021+ Chevy Tahoe

  • OPS-12-44-28-D (12″H x 44″W x 28″D)
  • OPS-12-44-36-D (12″H x 44″W x 36″D)
  • OPS-16-44-36-D (16″H x 44″W x 36″D)
  • OPS-20-44-36-D (20″H x 44″W x 36″D)

Mounting Platforms (necessary for install):

  • 2020+ Ford Expedition: FEU-0000
  • 2021+ Chevy Tahoe: CTU-1000
  • Top & drawer face powder coat black
  • 200lbs drawer slides
  • Cylinder key lock
  • Cargo rail on 3 sides
  • Rubber mat inside drawer
  • CTU-1000 - Mounting base for 2021+ Chevy TahoeDownload
  • FEU-0000 - Slide-back base for 2018+ Ford ExpeditionDownload

Why choose ops

With over two decades of expertise in the design and manufacture of highly specialized mobile workstations, OPS Public Safety is trusted by law enforcement and emergency services all over the US to provide robust, turnkey emergency response trailers.

  • State-of-the-art, compliant design
  • Industry approved packages from 12ft-53ft trailers
  • Aluminum construction – 50% lighter than steel
  • Advanced security & locking systems
  • Custom, turnkey interiors – delivered ready to roll