4 Benefits of a Well-organized Patrol Vehicle

Whether you work in an office, in a mobile command center or even in your patrol SUV, there are numerous benefits to having a well-organized workspace. For public safety professionals, your workspace is more than often in your vehicle and depending on your department’s function, you and your team may be required to carry more equipment than some.

Do you just throw your equipment in the rear cargo area and are done with it? Do you store it in a duffle bag and zip it closed so you can’t see the disarray inside? Do you separate and organize your equipment and weapons in a secure rear storage drawer solution? When your workspace becomes cluttered and disorderly, this can negatively impact how you perform your day-to-day job and having a clean and organized patrol vehicle brings these advantages:

Improves Work Efficiency

As a public safety professional, time is often of the essence. When seconds count, you don’t want to lose time searching through your vehicle to locate the appropriate equipment to complete the job. If you have an organized mobile workspace, you will know exactly where each equipment is stored, making it easier to act quick. Implementing the 5S method (sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain) can help reduce waste, improve safety, and improve workplace productivity because you will no longer lose time searching for lost and/or misplaced equipment and will have more time to do your principal job efficiently.

Keeps your Valuables Safe, Secure & Serviceable

When you separate your weapons and valuables from your additional gear and equipment it ensures that they remain safe, secure and in serviceable condition. When choosing how to organize your patrol vehicle consider your equipment and what needs to be ready for use. Storage drawers are designed with configurable options to keep your specific equipment organized. Whether you want to separate your weapons in a side gun compartment, tactical equipment in a top drawer, and any electronics in a bottom drawer, there are solutions predesigned to ensure quick access.

Avoid Critical Mistakes

A well-coordinated patrol car can help to prevent major mistakes and allow for officers to be more observant while on the road and when completing service calls. For example, when your equipment is disorderly you could spend more time searching for your essentials, forget important gear or even grab the wrong equipment to complete the task at hand. Having an organized vehicle permits easy access to your firearms and gear in the event it is needed and will prevent these errors and distractions from occurring in the first place.

Improves Driver Confidence

Think about the feeling you have when you invite people into your newly renovated, organized living space. A similar feeling occurs when you have an organized workspace to show your co-workers and superiors. An organized patrol vehicle brings pride and confidence to those operating it and happy officers are more productive than unhappy officers.

Organizing your patrol vehicle can make your job less difficult. It can keep your equipment and valuables safe and avert damage, prevent mistakes and distractions from occurring and heighten your officers’ confidence and work productivity.

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