Need Help Now? Choose a Mobile Medical Trailer Package

Being prepared for any disaster is vital to the health of the residents of your city, town, or municipality.

FEMA-Funded Mobile-Ready Packages

You have several options for your mobile medical response unit. These units are outfitted to give you the storage and access you need when out in the field helping others:

  1. The Right Size of FEMA Concept Trailers to Fit Your Department’s Requirements: You can choose from our 3 response trailer packages to fit your specific requirements and ensure you have the room you need to work in the field:
    • SWAT Trailer Package- 2742
    • Command Trailer Package- 5107
    • Command Trailer Package- 5071
  2. Amenities to Make Serving the Population Easier: Each package can include the following items:
    • Above Storage – Overhead compartments store the variety of equipment needed when working on site.
    • Power Supply – Choose from shore power or Onan Generators so that you are never without electricity.
    • Powder Coating – Interior cabinets protected by white or black powder coating.
    • Drawer Add-ons – Add dividers or rubber matting to the drawer systems to keep items in place and organized.
    • Workbenches – You need a place to work. Choose between sterile stainless steel or 1.5” hardwood tops for your counters.
    • Storage Lockers – Room for those larger pieces of equipment or clothing.

Choose Mobile Response Trailers from OPS Public Safety

Give your department what they need to properly care for civilians when choosing a mobile medical response trailer from OPS Safety. Our trailers can be produced rapidly and come fully equipped with plenty of storage and work area. Use it for mobile testing and vaccinations or for any disaster that may happen and know that you can meet the needs of your communities.

Ready to order your mobile medical trailer? Contact OPS Public Safety today. If you are located in the United States, then please call (315) 595-3300. We will put you in touch with one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff members.