Seven Ways to Customize Your Vehicle Solution

Public Safety agencies are challenged with choosing the right storage systems for all fleet vehicles. OPS Public Safety has six configurable MAXX Slide packages for SUV’s, pickups, and vans to simplify the spec’ing process. These packages were designed for various departments in mind, including: Accident Reconstruction, SWAT, Bomb Squad, EMS, and Fire.

These packages are completely modular to configure the way you prefer to store your equipment and weapons. We also offer additional options to make the complete solution unique to you. Here are seven different ways to customize your vehicle storage solution:

Add perforations to prevent overheating

    Looking to store radio equipment? Keep your radio equipment from overheating by adding perforations to the front, back, or sides of the drawer.  These perforations ensure proper ventilation, so your equipment stays cool.

    Use the top for additional storage space

    Create more storage space by placing duffle bags and equipment on top of the drawer solution. Safely secure equipment on top by adding a polycarbonate barrier at the front or back, and cargo rails around the sides of your cabinet. Cargo rails can also be added as a lip to any open compartment to safely tiedown equipment.

    Change the color of your unit

      Looking for your system to be unseen by the public eye? We offer black powder coating, which can be added to either the drawer faces or the entire unit. We recommend powder coating as it prevents glaring and provides more durability.

      Safely secure explosives

        Need a solution that safely secures explosives, flash bangs, and breaching equipment? We can easily convert any drawer into an ATF Type 3 drawer by adding plywood lining.

        Extra security for your weapons

          All our drawers come with a standard key cylinder lock. However, if you are looking for extra security, we can easily swap out the key cylinder for a simplex 9100 push button, high security deadbolt lock, that comes with a key override.

          Reduce movement and noise

            Do you weapons move around in the drawer while driving?  Safety secure your weapons by adding rubber matting or two-inch foam inserts in each weapon drawer. You also have the option to add gun mounts to you drawer to firmly hold your firearms and prevent them from being scratched or damaged.

            Create on scene tasks

              Does your department carry out command tasks on scene? An easy solution is including a whiteboard to your cabinet.  Choose between a removeable whiteboard door or a flip-up whiteboard drawer.

              Often, vehicle storage needs are not as simple as selecting one from a catalog, which is why we like to offer ways to customize your solution. Learn more about our MAXX Slide Configurable packages call us today at 315.595.3300 to book a one-on-one consultation with one of our experts!