Keep Your Radio Equipment from Overheating

Two-way radios have been fundamental in the public safety industry. It allows for officers to receive immediate information and ultimately saves lives. But what happens when the radio equipment are not protected and stored properly? There is a good chance the radio equipment will overheat. A previous solution to prevent overheating was adding fans to every radio storage cabinet, however, OPS Public Safety designed and manufactured a better solution to keep radio equipment safe and secure while on the job.

OPS Public Safety have manufactured a Radio Drawer Series,which is a combination of the single secure storage drawer with a vented drawer on the bottom. The vented drawer is designed with perforations on the front, back and bottom to circulate air to keep any communications equipment cool and ensures that damp equipment can be stored safely. Here are four reasons why you should consider OPS Public Safety’s Radio Drawer for your next Ford or Chevy upfit:

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider OPS Public Safety’s Radio Drawer Series 

1. Lightweight Aluminum

OPS Public Safety uses high-grade, lightweight all-aluminum that guarantees a quieter ride, lower fuel costs and higher payload capacity. Aluminum is light (yet strong), anti-corrosive, water resistant and requires little maintenance. Therefore all products are built to last – an average of 12 years.

2. Single Handed Access & Slam Shut

We understand that multitasking is a part of your day-to-day jobs, which is why the radio drawers feature an EZ latch, that requires only one hand to open and close, making it possible to easily get to your gear fast. The EZ latch also secures the drawer from opening when driving, so your equipment and gear is secure no matter what speed.

3. Safe and Secure

We understand that the safety and security of your equipment is critical when selecting a drawer system. All OPS drawers are equipped with dual latches to prevent equipment from being stolen. For added security, all our drawers come with a key cylinder lock to ensure that your equipment is protected. If you are looking for further security, we offer various lock options including the Simplex 9100 Series push button, a high security deadbolt with key override or our trigger latch.

4. Equipment Stays Cool & Dry

Worry no more. The radio drawer unit is designed with perforations on the front, back and bottom ensuring to prevent your radio equipment from overheating. In addition, the vented drawer can be used to store officers’ damp clothing so it can dry quicker.

The radio drawer solutions fit most SUVs and Pickups, but we do offer custom solutions. We will work one-on-one with you to design a system that supports your vehicle specs. Call us today at 315.595.3300 to learn more about our perforated drawer solutions.