HAENNI Scales Storage Solution

According to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), approximately 4 million commercial vehicle inspections are completed annually throughout North America. Specially trained inspectors are required to conduct various inspections to ensure that large trucks and buses are operating safely with weight requirements and are complaint with regulations.*

In 2017, a large police department in Connecticut, was in search for a storage solution to help organize their equipment and safely secure 4 portable Haenni scales used for inspections.

The Problem

With a large variety of equipment – scales, rifles, gear and electronics – and required spare-tire access, this department found it challenging to find a solution to meet its unique needs and correspond with a strict timeline. In addition, the unit must have a masked appearance to avoid being recognized by anyone who is looking into the vehicle.                                  

The Solution

After one-on-one consultations, the OPS Public Safety team developed a CVE unit which included a gun box to store two rifles, a single drawer for miscellaneous gear and equipment, and 4 compartments to secure 4 HAENNI scales with a modified top to allow for an equipment tray to be mounted. To ensure access to the spare tire, OPS Public Safety’s engineers created a design that included a removable front section to easily access the spare tire when need.  And lastly, to guarantee that this unit was indistinguishable, a black top-coat was applied.                                    

The Result 

The department was more than pleased with the final product and the OPS Public Safety staff’s commitment to finding a storage solution to meet their storage requirements, while being receptive to a strict timeline.

“This was a great project for our team to work on,” said Joe Lawrenson, Manager of Business Development. “We find more departments are looking for a secure storage solution specifically for Haenni scales. Currently these scales are placed in the back of an SUV or pickup, which slide around when driving.  With our CVE scale solution, this allows our customers to safely store the scales units, equipment, and rifles securely within their vehicle”.

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For more information on the OPS Public Safety CVE Scale Unit, please call Joe Lawrenson at 315.595.3300

*Source: Leandro, Nicole. “Inspections.” CVSA – Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, 2018, retrieved from