What You Don’t Know About Our Pursuit Series

One of the biggest responsibilities of a law enforcement agency is implementing safe weapon and equipment storage within their vehicles. Unfortunately, this always comes with a price. Luckily, OPS Public Safety has come out with a budget-friendly product line for the Ford Interceptor and Chevy Tahoe SUVs – THE PURSUIT SERIES.

There are 4 reasons why you should choose our Pursuit Series and being budget-friendly is only one of them:

4 Reasons to Choose our Pursuit Series Drawer Solutions

Decrease Fuel Costs with a Lighter Unit

Did you know that our Pursuit Series Drawer Solutions weigh on average 60% lighter than our premium product line? This will help to reduce fuel costs! The Pursuit Series was designed without comprising the quality and durability, so you can store up to 150lb of equipment and weapons in each drawer.

The Extras are Included

We understand the shiny aluminum is not the first choice of color. The Pursuit Series drawer solutions come with a black matte powder coating finish to help conceal your storage from the public eye. In addition, each drawer comes with stainless key locks for added security and rubber matting in each drawer to prevent your gear from sliding – which ensures a quiet ride!

Spare Tire Access

All of our models have easy access to your spare tire. The Pursuit Series was designed with 6” elevated mounting brackets to not only provide access to your spare tire but also for additional storage underneath and in front of the unit.

Magnify Your Budget

Each Pursuit Series unit provides significant cost savings over our premium line. This will allow law enforcement agencies that ability to stretch their budgets while still getting the high-quality, user-friendly storage solutions.

It is important to store, transport and display firearms and equipment safely to prevent accidents, loss or theft. OPS Public Safety has created a vehicle storage to ensure that your equipment and weapons can remain safe without breaking the bank.

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