Maximize Your Truck Bed Storage

There has been a growing trend of law enforcement agencies purchasing pickup trucks over sedans and SUVs over the last few years. Reason being? Pickups are more tough and durable, trucks have a greater haul capacity, more cargo room and storage, pursuit performance, as well as interior comfort.  With all the accessories options available aftermarket, law enforcement agencies are often in search for a customizable solution to help organize their equipment and weapons in the truck bed, with the peace of mind of it being safe and secure. That’s when OPS Public Safety steps in.  

The Situation

In the field, officer’s need to be able to access their equipment and weapons quickly and easily, without jeopardizing security. Often equipment is stored in the back seats or the cargo bed. One – with this approach, the equipment and weapons aren’t safely secured and protected. Two – when driving or in a pursuit chase, the equipment will move around, which can cause damage. Every police department carries different equipment, so a standard storage solution is not always the answer.                              

The Solution

OPS Public Safety has designed and engineered a series of configurable pickup drawers to help each department organize and protect their equipment and weapons, making it easily accessible yet secure when not in use.  For example, the Maximizer Single Drawer is an all-American, lightweight aluminum heavy-duty construction drawer with 500lb drawer slides, built to store a lot of equipment. Some of the benefits of the Maximizer single drawer is the anti-skid top surface with tie-down points to accommodate larger items, an easy one-handed latching system to ensure quick access, and rubber matting to prevent movement and noise while driving. To top it off, OPS Public Safety stands by their products and workmanship by offering a lifetime warranty.                            

The Result 

OPS Public Safety designed a truck drawer unit that maximizes truck bed space, while ensuring that equipment and weapons remain safe, secure and easy to access.

“We really enjoyed working on this project,” said Joe Lawrenson, Manager of Business Development. “We find many departments looking for secure storage solutions that allow greater convenience and flexibility. Currently there are options that require users to extend their reach or climb into a pickup bed to retrieve their gear. The OPS solution allows vehicle operators to securely store and access their kit and weapons with ease!”.

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